One sky overhead wipes out state borders, and the wires lace continents. This work is pierced with the wires of two cities, Moscow and San Francisco.

As an integral part of the urban architecture, as an element of the urban environment, as a single canvas - wires weave their webs, create patterns in the sky, draw geometric shapes. They take buckets of information from one part of the earth to another; they shake on the wind, go underground, and connect countries. Continuing lines of buildings, wires create vector pictures, their air architecture.

With the help of video, I create a circle on the Garden Ring of Moscow and a square around the blocks of downtown San Francisco. It is amusing to imagine how many times these forms are drawn by trolleybuses that have two roads - one on the ground, and one in the sky.

Perhaps one day all wires will dissolve in the air or go underground and continue wiring their webs hidden from our eyes forever.