Svetlana Aynurina
b. 1985
I live and work in Seattle, WA, and the PNW

I use digital photography, video, and abstract painting. The artwork touches the subject of the urban environment; in particular, I explore the psychological impact of the urban environment on people, as well as its social aspects.

"Timiryazevka" project is a documentary featured in mass media, uncovering an acute social problem of expropriation of historical lands of the oldest agrarian university in Moscow, a rather widespread case in modern Russia. This problem has received a wide press resonance that resulted in favor of preserving historical heritage.

My interest in exploring tangible and imaginary city boundaries has turned into a project I called "Wires" - a work pierced with the wires of two cities, Moscow and San Francisco, where one sky overhead wipes out state borders, and the wires lace continents. As an integral part of the urban architecture, as an element of the urban environment, as a single canvas - wires weave their webs, create patterns in the sky, draw geometric shapes, pass under the earth connecting countries. Continuing lines of buildings, wires create vector pictures, their own air architecture. With the help of video, I create a circle on the Garden Ring of Moscow and a square around the blocks of downtown San Francisco. It is amusing to imagine how many times these forms are drawn by trolleybuses that have two roads - one on the ground, and one in the sky.

"View of an outsider" project is an overview of the urban environment in a town where I am a newcomer. This is a view at the architecture where modern art and industrial landscape live as close neighbors. An interesting observation of external culture penetrating the city canvas, taking roots and creating a new image of the city. A kind of psycho-geographical analysis of a new place highlighted with modern street art.

Lately, the basis of my experiments in photography and abstract painting is the color. I intensively study different forms, elements of manual photo development, experiment with digital photography, and look for interesting color combinations. The psychological aspect of color perception is inextricably linked with the sociocultural and aesthetic factor. Every color or a combination of colors can be perceived by every person in a slightly or significantly different way depending on a cultural and historical context, the spatial arrangement of the color spot, its shape and texture.

“Borders of feelings: Anxiety” project is an expression of form through color, an expression of feeling. Both color and form have always been given various symbolic meanings. Many experiments have confirmed that the person's psychophysiological state can vary depending on what she looks at and what surrounds her. The combination of black and violet, with the addition of different shades of gray - symbolize negative trends: anxiety, stress, disturbance, fear.

Currently, I am working on several projects, where color is the basis.
In one of the projects, I explore forms of a city, showing the shape through the color. In the other I mix different camera-less photography techniques with acrylic paints, trying natural dyes and integrating them into painting. Such collaborations produce curious results.


2015 – 2017 British Higher School of Art & Design
2002 – 2007 Moscow State Academy of Municipal Economy and Construction


2017 - “Center of latent image”, Exposed. Zavod Pluton, Moscow, Russia.
2016 - “Borders of Feelings: Anxiety” Milyutinskij Workshop, Moscow, Russia
2016 - Complexity. Artplay, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia
2016 - New documentary. British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia
2016 - “Vyksa – Image of the World: Stranger’s view”. Estate-Industrial Complex Batashevyh-Shepelevyh, Vyksa, Russia
2015 - New documentary. Artplay, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia
2015 - Nomenclature. Artplay, British Higher School of Art & Design, Moscow, Russia